We knew that tax exempt bond financing deals were complex, but having Karen Sherman as our attorney cleared up all our questions. She worked diligently to negotiate provisions that protected our organization - you can't put a price to the kind of service that she provided us.
Frederick Shack
Executive Director, Urban Pathways

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Real Estate Development
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Stakeholders Revitalize Over 1200 Affordable Rental Apartments in the South Bronx

Affordable, Special Needs and Supportive Housing

ShermanLaw represents a broad range of for and not-for-profit clients in all aspects of developing affordable housing. We counsel clients on how to structure their projects to obtain the financing needed to fully fund the project and maximize their developer fees and advise clients on risks, obligations and negotiable terms associated with each source of financing.

We negotiate and draft documents related to the complex transactions, I including: commitment letters detailing the terms of tax credit, tax exempt bond, new market credit and other financing sources; contracts related to acquisition, architecture and construction of the project; agreements for joint ventures and limited partnerships; complex loan documents to minimize client's risks, resolve complex financing issues and clarify and assure consistency of the regulatory requirements governing the project.

We ensure our clients have a comprehensive understanding of their rights and obligations arising from the complex of financing sources necessary to construct their project, and how to minimize these risks.

ShermanLaw's clients develop mixed-finance affordable housing projects including:

Affordable Housing
Special Needs and Supportive Housing