Karen Sherman has represented the Greyston Foundation on a number of highly complex transactions over the past decade. She has been a highly competent and professional advocate for us in all of these deals, and her understanding and insight into our needs has been exceedingly helpful. To balance out her professional skills, Karen is a joy to work with, with as strong commitment to our ideals and mission.
Steve Brown
Executive Director of Greyston Foundation

Who We Are

Serving the special needs of the community development
and affordable housing industries for over 30 years.
The ShermanLaw community development and affordable housing law firm is well-positioned to provide comprehensive solutions for every client through experienced and responsive legal representation. We have worked with New York area and national clients for thirty years, creating innovative solutions for not-for-profit and for-profit owners, community organizations, corporations, and individuals. We work closely with our clients to understand all of their business and organizational goals and to craft solutions to meet their specific needs. From start-up to complex tax credit syndication, from education and counseling to advocacy, ShermanLaw’s diverse practice and varied client base makes us a leader in representing the community development and real estate industry in corporate, real estate, tax and finance matters.
Client Services

  • Organization Structures & Solutions
  • Financing Risks & Rewards
  • Regulatory & Financial Negotiations
  • Business Operations: Taxes, Contracts & Leasing

At ShermanLaw, we are committed to being an accessible, insightful and effective partner, providing an outstanding level of support for our clients, from project initiation and general operational advice, through assessment and management of the risks and corresponding rewards of complex joint ventures and mixed-finance developments, regulatory compliance, and negotiation and closing on complex projects.
Our varied client base includes:
  • Affordable Housing Developers
  • Not-for-profits
  • CDCs, HDFCs, LLCs, LPs
  • Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Thrift Shops
  • Social Service Organizations
  • Social Enterprise Entities
  • Tax Credit Syndicators
  • Loan Funds